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Independant Audi Service

sinbadfury May 18, 2007

  1. sinbadfury

    sinbadfury Member

    I realise this might be a more UK based forum, but is there any Irish guys here that would have any suggestions for an Independant Audi mechanic.

    Dublin/Wicklow/Wexford locations

    Just priced a timing belt kit and service for the wifeys '00 A3 1.6 and nearly fell off the chair!
  2. vincenzo_2k

    vincenzo_2k New Member

    Sorry I dont know. I'm a newbie so forgive any silly suggestions I make.
    Have you tried the vw family garages? e.g. seat
    It is pricey anyway, but maybe your quote compares well with other similar jobs??
    What price do ppl pay in the UK for this service?
    For an a3 and an a4?
    (i think i need to get mine done soon)
    Mine was done at about 60k mls for an a4 for between €700-800 2 yrs ago before i had car.

    Others may correct me but maybe if you get a good recommended mechanic they can replace it much cheaper?

    Anyway hope it works out for you

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