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Increased mpg after remap removal!

steeleez May 20, 2011

  1. steeleez

    steeleez Member

    I bought my a4 tdi last June and after 3 days of owning it I got her remapped through pd tuning in boldon, I was told that it would improve my mpg, bhp and torque. The torque did improve and the car did feel quicker, however recently my car had to have a new gearbox fitted due to it becoming very noisy, so I got the map removed before it went into audi to have the gearbox replaced (under warranty thank god £3,000), since I've had the map removed I am getting an extra 50+ miles per tank and I've not changed my driving style, I wont be getting it remapped again.
  2. S3 GAZ

    S3 GAZ Member

    I have had 3 cars remapped. My punto Gt turbo 136 up to 170 bhp and mpg went down. I had my mk3 Ibiza cupra revo'd and mpg went from about 35mpg to 29mpg and had my s3 revo'd and it went from 30 mpg to about 26mpg. I've never been a believer of a remap giving better mpg. The main reason you get it mapped is to enjoy the extra grunt and the back in your seat power.
  3. jbcalvin

    jbcalvin Member

    This sounds quite strange, S3Gaz, to be fair all the cars you had chipped were petrol, so any chipping will always reduce the mpg, however the OP drives a diesel and remapping these correctly does normally improve mpg as it smooths out the turbo boost rather than having a big kick at 1950rpm which is how they are set up at the factory....

    Worked for VW/Audi for over a decade, including being a remap specialist at a main dealer and have never had anyone complain there fuel economy went down, normal increases are in the 5-10mpg region depending on engine code/drivetrain...

    This sounds more like an issue with the actual remap not being right....

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