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Inaccurate Service Indicator

PaulBelsham Sep 30, 2003

  1. PaulBelsham

    PaulBelsham Member

    Hi All
    About 5 days ago the DIS started telling me to service the car in 900miles, so I popped down to the dealer and booked it in for the 28th October, I do about 600-700miles per month so I thought I'd be playing it safe by getting it serviced before the counter actually reaches 0.

    However I don't think this service indicator is all that accurate because its now showing service in 600 miles, and I definitely haven't done 300 miles in 5 days, I know that this figure is calculated on how hard you drive the car, but I haven't thrashed it in ages, in fact I barely take it over 4K nowadays (conserving the Optimax) I guess it must be based on cold starts and short journeys

    I think there's quite a high chance that by the time I take it to the dealers the indicator will be at 0 miles, but does anyone know if it will say -100miles or something like that, and will this affect my warranty at all.

  2. NWMark

    NWMark Member


    dont most new cars (well the pugs and fords ive owned) have a 1500 mile check, maybe thats what the service indicator is displaying??


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