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In regards to my possible snapped clutch.

a3 quattr0 Mar 10, 2011

  1. a3 quattr0

    a3 quattr0 New Member

    Right the cars goin into the garage 2moro but just goin 2 expllain what the cluttch pedle is doin at the moment, and see if any1 can confirm what the problem is.

    As I explained before I shifted into 2nd very quikly and the clutch pedle droped straight to the florr and wouldn't come back up. I pulled over n pulled it up mytself.

    I had to start the car in 2nd as the gears wouldn't go in unless I pumped the peddle a little. Drivin home with my hazards on in 2nd the car clutch would feel like its slippin iff I put a lil pressure on the accelerator.

    It feels like the clutch is stuck at the biting point of when I shifted into 2nd when the pedal slammed t the floor originally (if that makes sense).

    I've checked the footwell n can't find no broken clips or brackets n upon examining the pedal, the white clip is still onda end of the master cylinder.

    The pedal has gone a lil soft and the clutch now engages lower then before, but only maybe engages gears when I pump the pedal for abit.

    Any help greatly apreciated.
  2. shanejess

    shanejess Guest

    your master cyliner has gone, your seat clip has snapped also.

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