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In need of reassurance

steveh Oct 26, 2004

  1. steveh

    steveh New Member


    Just sold my car and now looking for an S3. Proving a bit of a mare trying to find the right one (but thats a different matter)

    Thing is I have been looking round the forum for some time and becoming increasingly disillusioned (rightly or wrongly) by the amount of problems that seem to be popping up with the S3. I do understand that this is a forum and a place where people ask for advice on their problems so there will probably be a disproportionate amount of posts with regard to this. But can somebody please set my mind at rest that I will not be buying a car which is going to cause me problem after problem.

    Also bit shocked at some of the prices being knocked around for repairing these faults. Please, please tell me I am doing the right thing in getting an S3!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
  2. dbm

    dbm Active Member

    I've done 70k miles in mine, about 10k of those after modification. The only thing that has ever gone wrong on my car is a faulty memory module on the driver's airbag.

    Any prestige marque of car is going to be expensive to fix if you use a main dealer, though there are a fair number of audi-expert garages around the country that will do the job for less. And although an Audi might be expensive compared to a Ford, it's pretty damn cheap compared to, say, a Porsche!

  3. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I've had 2 S3's and I havent had any problems with them. I wouldn't worry about reliability issues.

    At least everyone knows what goes on them and they are easy to fix.

  4. tomsinclair

    tomsinclair Member

    I don't think reliablity is a problem with S3's or Audi's in general. I have had a lot of VAG cars and others besides and found them to be better than the rest I have had. No question of not buying another I have my name down for an RS3
  5. steveh

    steveh New Member

    Thanks for the responses people. Looks like I am perhaps being a bit paranoid about things then (although I spose I didn't expect anything but positive responses from an Audi forum /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif) but seriously cheers.

    Now wheres that copy of autotrader.............
  6. nervus

    nervus Well-Known Member

    Im thinking of selling my S3 if your interested?

    03'03 Imola Yellow/Black leather 15,000 miles
    Not a scratch absolutely immaculate - i am a fanny when cars are concerned
    Factory 18" RS4's
    Facory BOSE 6CD in dash changer
    Factory Chrome mirrors
    Revesing Sensors (For the GF - honest!)
    Centre Armrest/ Blackheadlining

    Don't know what its worth though!
  7. steveh

    steveh New Member

    cheers nervus but i think that may be a little over my budget . Sounds like a lovely car though
  8. TOM said:No question of not buying another I have my name down for an RS3

    even if it doesnt come out the new s3 should be quick enough!!!

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