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improving performance on my a4 1.8t quattro 190 sportline

rog 190 quattro May 9, 2009

  1. rog 190 quattro

    rog 190 quattro rog190quattro

    Hi everyone been an Audi nut for ages but only just found asn.Just sold my a4 2.4 v6 tiptronic ,had it for last 3 years and it has been fantastic ,but fancied a change, you all know how it goes.Ive bought a a4 1.8t quattro 190 sportline avant ,its an 04 with 63k looks great on its s6 alloys.Bit dissapointed with the performance i thought it would be loads quicker than the 2.4 ,but the handling is fantastic and feels more like a sports car than an estate.Im thinking of a re-map,who do u recomend,what gains can i expect,what sort of price,is it worth it and how much more expensive does it make your insurance.Also are there any common faults to keep an eye out for ?cheers:greyrs4:
  2. yellowa3

    yellowa3 New Member

    why tell your insurance company? it would be pretty much undetectable if you ever had to claim in the event of a smash!
    Unlike a chip there quite discreet!

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