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Improving Data Logging Speeds

S3Rich Jan 15, 2012

  1. S3Rich

    S3Rich Member

    As per title

    i have the $100 registerd version of vcds and an ebay joby usb lead and drivers it works brill no problem with vcds or lemmiwinks.the only downfall is the latency says it poor im no computer whizz but im not a novice,obvioulsy with the full cable i should get better data logging over 3 groups as at the mo its dropping to 0.8 which is pretty slow,is it purely the cable or do you need quite powerfull laptop for logging multiple groups?the laptop is red hot when running vc scope and logging etc could it be my processor speed is not capable it only a celeron M i think.

    let me know your thoughts
  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Celeron M is fairly old tbh mate, should be ok though if its only this in use on that machine, but you do have turbo mode but this runs one block at a time iirc not 3, give RT a shout on support@ross-tech.com & if they advise the full monty is required to improve this, then give me a shout & I can supply this for you.
  3. bearthebruce

    bearthebruce Ross-Tech, LLC

    It is not the laptop that is limiting the speed. It is the controllers in the vehicle that limit the rate of speed. 0.8 for 3 groups (12 values) is pretty normal on older cars. If there is a Turbo mode, and I am not certain VCDS-Lite supports it as I don't see anything about it in the online manual, you might get a little faster performance by selecting Turbo.

    Speaking of that manual, sample rate info states:

    Last edited: Jan 18, 2012

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