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Imperial Crash Repair 8P2 Bonnet Part

GStatus Sep 13, 2011

  1. GStatus

    GStatus Member

    Is this worth it?
    £120 unsprayed & not genuine.

    cant seem to find any retailers selling the bonnet separately just the full front end and I already have the bumper for my conversion.
    Called stoke audi and got quoted £220 unsprayed.
    Kind of time constrained as im travelling for work so sooner i purchase and fit the better.
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    8P2 bonnets are like hen's teeth so maybe its worth it, but then again if its not OEM then the fit might not be perfect.
    For something as big as a bonnet (which stands out from a mile off if it doesn't line up properly with your bumper and both wings) I'd probably pay the extra and go genuine.

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