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Immobiliser issue

a4cam Jan 29, 2008

  1. a4cam

    a4cam New Member

    Ok , searched this on the forums here , a few people have had the same problem on the posts , but I could get no clear answer to the problem .
    Ok , start the car , then the car promptly cuts out with the immobiliser light flashes . This is an intermitant problem . Thought it could be the battery in my key fob gettin low coz it fails to unlock the car some times . But other than that it has me stumped . Any help is appreciated , Cheers
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    The most common cause is the wire going to the immobiliser from the ignition switch. It gets interference of some sort from the other wires in the loom, or possibly just a bad connection, so moving it physically away from the main loom seems to do the trick. If that doesn't work then replace it.
    My B5 did this for awhile (3 years ago), then bizarrely it's never happened again. Marmite has the detailed description in this thread:

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