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Immediate help with RNSE wiring please

Dubport May 7, 2012

  1. Dubport

    Dubport Member

    Hi, if anybody can help with my wiring I would be very grateful as I have the RNSE hanging out the dash!
    i have moved the brown wire for my Bose from pin 5 to pin 7 as in previous posts but not sure if I should plug the blue wire back into anywhere? That's the wire that was in pin 7?
    sorry to bring this up again but I saw this in a post last week but can't find it now!

    I bought the other multi plug that I seemingly need to make the aux. plug work but don't know which wires go into it either?

    Can anybody give me a walk through?

    If it helps I can call!
  2. jasonc

    jasonc Active Member Audi S3

    I just swapped the 2 wires round on mine but then I wasn't bothered about the Aux in working. If you just want to get it working in a hurry you can do the same and then sort the Aux In later if you plan on using it.
  3. VWAddict

    VWAddict Member VCDS Map User

  4. Dubport

    Dubport Member

    Thanks guys got it working now! Bose sounds so much better with the wires switched round!

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