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im stumped with a gearbox problem

a3kid Jul 28, 2005

  1. a3kid

    a3kid Member

    this is from a contact abroard and i have no idea does anyone???????????

    My car is an Audi A3 1.8L 1998 model. I’m having serious trouble with the automatic gearbox in this car for the past 5 month and I desperately attempted to locate the problem and fix it but with no luck. The problem is as follows:

    After 10 min of driving on the high way with a speed greater than 140 KPH the gear box will stop functioning properly, when I reduce my speed, the gear down shifts but never up shifts again. That means it will shift from 4th to 3rd to 2nd but would not shift up to 3rd or 4th again. And if I had to make a full stop, the car will only run at first gear unless I fully accelerate and make the RPM reach 6000 RPM then it shifts to second, and the same with third and fourth gear.

    I seem to also get this problem when I’m stuck in traffic for a long time. The car stops shifting gears again.

    Ironic as it might sound all I have to do is switch off the engine and turn it back on after 5 min, and the gear starts working again but not for a long time.

    In this model, there is no error warning for the gear. But, sometimes when I switch off the engine and start it back on after the gear has stopped working, I hear a long beep which sounds like the one of the fuel lever warning and the speedometer goes all the way to 260 KPH and back.

    This problem started 8 month ago and I took the car to the audi dealer for a checkup. They told me it’s only missing 500ml of gear oil. The car was perfectly fine after that for a couple of month then it started happening again. at that time I discovered that the gear box is missing some oil again hence I have a leak. However after fixing this leak the problem seems to still exist. And especially now it happens very frequently.

    I have no idea how I’m going to handle this problem. Cause changing the gear box will be extremely expensive where I am and plus I’m not really sure if the problem is from the gear box it self. It looks like an electronic problem rather than mechanical.

    What is funny I saw 4 other A3 of the same production date with the exact same problem at one work shop.

    I had the car checked by at least 4 different mechanics and they all failed to find out the problem. I lost allot of $$ trying to fix it but no luck so far.

    Dose any one have any idea what is going on here?????

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