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Im new and need Help

WannabeRacer Jun 3, 2003

  1. WannabeRacer

    WannabeRacer New Member

    ive been wanting an A4. i should have bought one but instead i bought a 02 civic instead. now theres a chipped 2000 18t quattro, black in and out on bbs wheels sitting in the back of audi-it just got there today. the problem is that it has 78000 miles on it. the civic doesnt even have 9000 on it and has an extended warrenty. should i go ahead and get it? should i mod a motor with that many miles on it? carfax checks out clean also.
  2. mramage

    mramage Member

    That's a strange comparison if you don't mind my saying so.

    The miles shouldn't be a problem so long as you get it well checked out before hand, especially the front suspension bushes at that mileage.

    Drive them both and I'm sure you'll be in rush to hand over the cash for the A4. 1.8TQ A4s are relatively rare. Does anyone here have one? Any more advice?

  3. Speedy

    Speedy Member

    My 1.8TQ Sport had 85000 FASH when I got it and now has 93000 - the only issues have been very minor. I think most Audi's now as long well serviced will be good for alot more miles than that. Mine is chipped as well.... As most will tell you check the car's history, front suspension bushes and that there is a major service due around 80000, so see if that's already been done...if not use it to lower the price...
  4. WannabeRacer

    WannabeRacer New Member

    thanks guys. yeah i know theres a difference between the civic and the a418t quattro (BIG difference) but i did it cus my mom pays my insurance and i thought insurance would be high. anyway, i plan on doing threaded body coilovers or put ground control konis on it like my civic is now cus i really like the setup. at the same time, ill probably put polyuethane bushings if they look like the bushings look like they should be replaced. who is using h&r suspension here and how is the ride for daily driving? las vegas has pretty smooth roads and like stiff. again thanks

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