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Illuminated Gear Knob and Steering wheel project

kvnhawk Aug 31, 2010

  1. kvnhawk

    kvnhawk New Member

    Hi Guys, I recently changed the gear knob of my A3 and I thought i would share it as it looks really good. Unfortunately the pictures don't do it justice as it is hard to take photos in the dark. I would recommend to anyone to buy one of the gear knobs. I bought it from a guy on eBay and he was very helpful and can pretty much make any design you want. They look very professional and could pass for Audi made. £49.99 but worth it!

    Here is a link eBay Gear Knob

    One question i have is that I attached the light to the cigarette lighter, which means it is always on. Does anyone know where I can find engine power near the area of the gear stick to power it from, so it only comes on when I start the ignition?


    I am thinking of upgrading my steering wheel, I have a 2004 A3 2.0 TDI. I currently have a standard one that does not control the radio or anything like that. I want to put an S-line wheel on instead, can I do this? Will it fit?

    Also there is an s-line one on
    (Link to wheel with controls)
    That has radio controls on it, is there any way I can connect this to the radio system? What do I need to buy? Or should I buy a plane s-line steering wheel
    (Link to Standard wheel)
  2. scottie123

    scottie123 (●̮̮̃•̃) (●&#

    take the feed for the light from the leds behind your heater controls.

    Neither of them wheels will work on your car. Well the airbag wont any way, Which in my opinion is quite important :) ( i am presuming yours is a split grill model being 2004 )
  3. kvnhawk

    kvnhawk New Member

    Of course yea I will hook it up to the heater controls! thanks

    So would I need to buy the airbag as well? or will the connections not be compatible? If so it is getting too expensive for my liking.
  4. bluequattro

    bluequattro Member

    i have a similair gear knob m8, which i got from german ebay, its a good quality item and it looks great when lit, nice one m8 ;)

  5. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Moderator VCDS Map User

    Haven't seen one of those since my mate had a 1.0 Corsa...:whistle2:
  6. akash_sky1

    akash_sky1 Active Member

    Ive never seen an 8P with single DIN and no climate looks odd!

    I think Audi should make an illuminated 'knob make for their S/RS cars .
  7. sub39h

    sub39h Active Member

    right the issue is that your car has a single stage airbag. if you have an accident of a certain severity >>> airbag goes off.
    newer cars have a dual stage airbag. if you have an accident the airbag has two deployment stages to deal with it. 8P2 cars (and the wheel you mention) all have dual stage airbags.

    you can wire the single stage into one of those but there's no guarantee it'll go off. there are professionals who do it tho and guarantee they'll have the single stage working on the dual stage system. whether you trust them or not is up to you but going down the professional fitting route is the only way i'd recommend this modification.

    and yes no matter what you'll need a new airbag. most of the wheels on eBay come with an airbag too tho.
  8. kvnhawk

    kvnhawk New Member

    Thanks sub39h for clearing that up, I dont think it is worth taking a risk with the air-bag, I shall pass on this mod. I will have to find another project to occupy my time!

  9. beanoir

    beanoir Large Member

    The latest shape (mk3) MX5s have them, dependent on spec.

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