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ignition live help

Drewvic Jan 18, 2014

  1. Drewvic

    Drewvic Member

    hi to all, hope your all having a good start to the new year
    well I im at the point now where im ready to fit a little xmas prezzie I was bought, a digital boost gauge
    im not sure I like it thining at some point a will probably swap for one with a needle
    but for now to show im grateful lol im going to be fitting this one

    it has a sender so I don't need to run the hose into the car but I do need to wire it up
    so im looking for a suitable ignition live to hook it upto
    im looking at fitting it towards drivers vent and I was wondering if I could feed it into the small electric cable that illuminates the the vent
    and also where is the best place under the bonnet that for ignition live for the sender
    thanks all

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