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if you know something about the audi 90 quattro

brokensaab Oct 8, 2003

  1. brokensaab

    brokensaab New Member

    I was previously the owner, or still am i guess, of a 1987 saab 900 turbo convertible. It was fast but handled like a rock on a wheel sometimes. Anyway that car is now a mangled piece of scrapmetal because it picked a fight with a telephone pole. I like the looks of the older quattros and have spent a while reading some reviews but i thought i would ask people some specific questions, such as: What are some inherent flaws of the older audi models(ive heard of rough idling and heavy weight), which years of the car should i stay away from/which were the best, can they be turbocharged with some form of ease (i could probably get a t5 and have a t3 right now), with a grand or two could it be made to take down porsches and bmws, how does it take hills at high speeds(other handling issues at high speeds), which parts are interchangable with other models possibly makes of car, anything else i should know. thanks

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