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If you had 2k to play with....

S4_dan Jun 2, 2014

  1. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    ....what would you do to your A4?

    The story...

    I have a 2.5 V6 Q Avant, 2002 with 167k miles. She could do with all the suspension replacing. (I already have some Eibach springs though). I love the car, ESPECIALLY the colour. [​IMG]
    I tow a caravan so would need to keep things practical i.e. If i fitted the eibach springs I would need some larger wheels as my SE is running on stock 16's Trapeze rims.

    A remap would be considered. Rust on fronts wings is just starting to bubble so they would need treating/painting. Also, my turbo whistles but boost etc is fine. Maybe some nice exhaust tail pipes/cat-back system. I'm happy to keep the car for a few more years....I love it.

    So please no comments about selling/swapping the car, as this project is to keep the car long term.

    Thanks in advance for your input/comments.

  2. bradh

    bradh Active Member VCDS Map User

    id fit some sport springs buddy only about 15 mm lower then a std Audi still looks lower but still practical, wings i would try and get your current wings fixed dont fit cheep after market cheep copies as for exhaust does the rs4 s4 exhaust route the same way under the car ?? could be cheaper then custom one, deffo go for re-map makes the world of difference just make sure your clutch is up to the job id go for 17 inch alloys that are fitted as std to some of the a4's as it keeps the mpg up
  3. ruffrida

    ruffrida Well-Known Member

    With another £2k i would fit bigger brakes, a bigger remap and a full stainless, done!

    Nice dark green this is, noticed the cheeky sunroof aswel, rare beast they are, really miss mine from me 8L.

    yeh before you remap, defo get a new clutch in, and as for the wheels, i would defo go for a set of 18's, pratical but look good, 17's can still look tiny !!
  4. mattyb6

    mattyb6 Active Member

    Front end respray
    New clutch
    Wheels referb
    And all the little niggly things sorted like headlight switch, pressed plates, engine covers etc mainly aesthetics.

    If I had money left, s4 brakes
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  5. haytch75

    haytch75 Member

    Gearbox & diff oils if they've not been done? Purely precautionary but worth doing if your keeping it IMO. Also 4 wheel alignment on a proper system. Kwik Fit did mine, noticeable difference.
  6. swarcup

    swarcup Well-Known Member

    I have the same car and it has the standard sport setup suspension, I run it on 19 inch wheels and have no issues towing my caravan. I have changed the rear bumper and fitted exhaust tips to give it a nicer rear also. Are all the belts done? As above really remap and if needed a new clutch
  7. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    I had the timing belt done last November along with water pump etc.

    Not sure when (if at all) the clutch has been changed. Biting point is about half way of the total pedal travel. Are these Dual mass? Does the flywheel need replacing at the same time? Any ideas on costs?

    So, maybe keep the Eibachs and fit 18's OR fit sport springs and use my matte black 17's.

    Rear diff oil is on my 'to-do' list but good point on gearbox oil. Anyone know the spec of oil and amount for a manual box?

  8. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User


    Thank you. Yeah it's a rarity having a sunroof but it does get some use! Has aircon / climate control but never use it, always in Econ mode except for 10mins a month just to keep the clutch pulley etc working and not let it seize.
  9. swarcup

    swarcup Well-Known Member

    I did the clutch and flywheel last year all in fitted £750 thats dual mass (LUC), clutch kit (LUC) and gearbox oil and fitting. Bought the parts myself from carpartsforless.com cheapest anywhere and had my local garage fit them. Only when the flywheel is exposed can you really tell if it needs doing. If your on the original then its probably worn by now
  10. Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps

    Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    i'd sell it and upgrade with the funds
  11. Greg190t

    Greg190t Guest

    For me, it'd be all new suspension arms, new shock absorbers, track rods and ends and a full geo, new engine mounts and gearbox mount, new rear suspension arms. The car would drive like new I reckon and it's be beautiful!

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