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Idle taking longer to settle... any cause for concern?

_G_ May 12, 2012

  1. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    8p2, S tronic - 2.0 TFSI

    Every time I start it up in the morning it holds the idle at 1100 and then over a minute it gradually drops to around 800.
    I guess this is normal looking at the bentley manual...

    However.. the past few days... it has been holding at 1100 for more than three minutes and then settles down to around 750 and jumps back up to 800.

    Am I just worrying for no reason?
    More of a convenience issue for me... I don't mind waiting a minute before driving off but 3-4 minutes is a bit much when I'm running late.
  2. - Jrd -

    - Jrd - Member

    Have you got any Vac leaks?

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