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identifying a cat d write off

tp7n Aug 27, 2006

  1. tp7n

    tp7n New Member

    hi long time no post :)
    anyhow i have seen a car that i want to buy that is advertised as a catd repaired vehicle, i have done a hpi check which just shows the vehicle was written off without the catagory being shown, is there an way that i can find a document relating to the severity of the damage that has been caused so i dont have to rely on the sellers say so that it was "only a cat d"

    quick replys appreciated as i have to make my mind up soon,,cheers

  2. Olly_K

    Olly_K Administrator

    You might need to phone the HPI company for more details.......I looked at an E36 M3 once and HPI'd it, only to find out it still had finance on it, I'm sure it said somehere to call us for more info.....I think that was with the AA
  3. tp7n

    tp7n New Member

    cheers for the reply olly, i have been onto the rac to see if they can shed an light on the subject but they cant catagorise the damage sustained to the car, they did advise me to get an independant inspection so thats what i will arrange, i could look myself but the car (porsche boxter ) is in sheffield and i am in hants, a bloody long way to go if its a pup.

    cheers steve

    ps i did try to reply to this earlier but i got kidnapped to some girly forum (long story) ;-)

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