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ideal alloy/tyre set up for b5 s4??

aidank1981 Apr 17, 2009

  1. aidank1981

    aidank1981 Member

    hello all,

    try this again in here! computer froze up when posting!

    right just thought i'd request some help from you lot, i'm after the 'ideal' wheel tyre set up for my S4 B5.... bit of a holy grail question i know but bare with me.... theres so many different wheel/tyre/suspension/spacer/offset variables in here its very diffuicult to research

    i though i'd ask for horror stories thus hopefully avoiding my own!

    i'm after 18" or 19" wheels to fit my B5 S4 which will shortly be fitted with front and rear B5 RS4 brakes and will be lowered with KW V2 coilovers.... (nothing major 20 odd mm)

    anyone running this set up?

    i do have 2 x 19" 235/35/19 rs4 reps which i believe are ET35... i would love to refit them and buy another 2 (i'm offshore or would have tried this already plus havent lowered her yet so wouldnt give me the whole picture)

    from reading here i def need 18" or bigger for the RS4 mods, many seem to think 235 is too wide for the arches an 19 is too big so whats the general consensus??

    would love your help!

  2. Siena

    Siena Active Member

    Personal opinion?

    Well, I wouldn't fit 19's to a B5 - they look too big for the frame.
    I would go for 8"x18" ET38, with 235/35x18, they'll fit fine, without fouling susspension or wheel arches.

    They're also big enough to accept RS4 brakes.

    On the suspension scenario, if you're only looking to lower by 20mm, I'd just go for a spring and damper combo.

    Bilstein Sport Yellows and Eibach Pro springs work very well.

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