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ICE questions 8L

jbkudos Aug 10, 2008

  1. jbkudos

    jbkudos Member


    Right before anybody moans I know there are lots of threads about this but to be honest I found some quite confusing ie BOSE/Non BOSE part BOSE etc?!?

    1 - I have the bose system with the "SUB" (more like a mid range speaker!!) in the cubby on the left of the boot and a BOSE (massive lol!!) amp in the right cubby hole

    2 - My standard concert head unit has the volume issue so I have ordered http://www.pioneer.co.uk/uk/products/25/121/61/DEH-P6000UB/index.html
    got it for £119 of Amazon

    The questions:

    1 - What wiring connector will I need to plug the new HU in? I don't want to do anything to complicated like bypassing the bose amp etc as wiring is not my forte!!

    2 - What facia adaptor will I need?

    3- I would like more bass, is it easy to wire in a pre amped sub box in the boot? and just disconnect the BOSE one?

    4 - Andymac seems to be a man who knows his stuff and he recommends changing the tweeters in the doors, any good recommendations for an upgrade to?

    5 - I want to put my ipod in the glove box as the new stereo has the lead out of the back will I need to drill a hole for the wire?

    Any advice would be much appreciated as I don't mind admitting I am an ICE novice?!?

    Thanks again :footy:
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    1. Bose RCA input adapter, antenna amp adapter & swap the perm & switched lives (as Audi wire them back to front.
    2. Something like this:
    3. You would need to run power for a new sub/amp, but the other feeds can be taken off the Bose sub plug i.e. left & right pre-outs and remote on. Personally I would run a new RCA cable from the Pioneer sub out RCA as this will give you independent control over the sub level, whereas using the Bose wiring will not.
    4. Any 1" tweeters will work with an inline capacitor.
    5. IIRC there is already a hole in the back of the glovebox, open your glovebox & use your eyes!
    The main problem you are likely to have by changing the HU is the horrendous Bose "popping" issue. Everytime you change track on the HU you will get a loud "pop" from the Bose system. There are workarounds, but require wiring modification.
  3. jbkudos

    jbkudos Member

    thanks mate it would appear you are the font of all knowledge when it comes to ice!! Is the answer to number 1 something I can buy at Halfords??

    PS what does IIRC stand for?? Lol about the eyes!!
  4. two

    two New Member

    IIRC = if i remember correctly

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