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IAM Member to trainee Observer - Long Story...

LaSarthe&Back Nov 7, 2007

  1. LaSarthe&Back

    LaSarthe&Back Member

    Well after a brush with the law a couple of years ago, I got interested in an advanced driving course. The deal was that if I was convicted and I promised to do this course, then my penalty would be lightened in order to allow me to do this course. As it turned out, my case was discharged completely:) and I went about enrolling for the Skill for Life program anyway.

    Initially I thought "I'll just do it, pass the test and get the benefit on insurance etc. I can't be bothered to sit of an evening and natter with a load of old boys (and they are 65+) about how his advanced skills allowed him to negotiate an equally old lady with a shopping trolley.":lazy:

    Having been going to every-other-monthly meetings to catch up on developments at IAM HQ amongst other things, I had decided to become more involved in the group and put something back in. This started as being the group's young driver contact. Being 26, I am just young enough for the old boys to call me a whippersnapper, but old enough to pass on meaningful advice to any who may wish to enquire about what the IAM's SfL entails.

    Both my Observer and Examiner commented at how well I might do were I to become an Observer for the local group. The Examiner said "Young people don't want to come out in my old daily hack, which'll do 30 eventually. They'd much rather see what application these skills have in relation to a vehicle to which they might aspire to own."

    Now, my car's hardly standard which made for some surprised looks from him on the day of my test. He said young [guys especially] would love to see a guy like them driving a modified car who can explain why these skills matter so much.

    I thought about it over the summer and decided to look into it further. I thought that I've got nothing to lose and as I constantly moan about others' poor driving standards, I could contribute a tiny part into helping to turn them around. I am nervous about it, as I don't believe myself to be a great teacher, but I guess it will come as I get used to it.

    Now I'm just waiting to hear from my Senior Observer when he aquires a new associate to show me the ropes before letting me loose!!

    What's your point I hear you say?? Well I guess I am building the scene to be able to ask for some advice in the future and in between meetings. I don't know what kind of advice just yet, but hopefully the AS community will be able to contribute.

    Anyway, I'll let you know how I get on, or indeed if I decide to bin it!!:no:

    Cheers all,

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