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I Think I need a wheel refurber in Leeds

danA3T Nov 5, 2012

  1. danA3T

    danA3T Member

    So, what a nightmare, had to swerve out the way of little chav who was overtaking coming toward me and i managed to badly kerb my wheel. I'm so p*ssed off I can't even believe.

    I'm not even sure if it's refurbishable. It's the standard BE alloy. And, heres the damage...


    What do you reckon? Will it refurbish?

    Anyone recommend a refurb place near Leeds? What should be expecting to pay.
  2. S3 syc

    S3 syc Active Member

    You tried mss wheel doctor bud in Morley I think or around there?did some work for me before and were spot on
  3. danA3T

    danA3T Member

    Ta for the reply mate, I actually found a place by recommendation, a place called Rising Sun Motors in LS12 - they've done a cracking job and I'm
    'only' sixty quid lighter. Need to pay more attention next time... Defo recommend them if you're in the area.

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