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I smell petrol! Please help!

easty beasty Aug 28, 2010

  1. easty beasty

    easty beasty New Member


    I am a new user here and looking for some assistance if possible.

    I purchased an 03 Audi A4 2.0 FSI a few months ago and I love it, but I have a problem.

    Recently started to smell petrol thorugh the windows when stopped at lights etc, but intermittently. No lights have come up on the dash. Checked for leaks, could not find one and dont seem to be using any more petrol than usual. No smell under the hood either. Sent it to my mechanic who seems knowledgable in Audi's, among others. Asked him to replace the fuel filter as I would be when I send it to him soon for a service. He changed the filter but could not smell petrol or find a leak past or present when it was with him, even after driving it high revs. He did say he wanted to check the charcoal filter but could not find one on mine.

    The next day the petrol smell was back bad! I did hit some high revs and this time the smell was coming through the vent that clears the windscreen, I stopped and checked under the hood straight away and the petrol smell was there, it went after a minuet or so. My mate smelt it as he walked past the car after it was sitting in his drive for about 5 mins. Cant smell it through the A/C at all. It does not smell when the car is cold pre start up. I can say when I poodle along it doesnt seem to smell at all so the high revs must have something to do with it. I will send it back to my guy next week after hitting some high revs and hope he can find the problem. But was hoping somone on here might have some ideas?

    Many thanks

  2. votblindub

    votblindub Member

    Check the return lines?
  3. Duktor

    Duktor Member

    also leaks in the engine breather pvc system can have same effect smells kinda like petrol / exhaust fumes

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