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I only went and put Unleaded in my TDI 232 miles from home...saved by Jeff @ Pipewerx

dubstar74 Feb 21, 2011

  1. dubstar74

    dubstar74 Member

    Coming back from Skelemersdale yesterday after going to see a freind, we decided to fill up before our 4hr trip back to London because I had about £15 worth of Diesel in the tank and did'nt want to pay Motorway fuel prices!!
    As we pulled into the BP petrol station my partner says 'oh I've got these vouchers for Ultimate Unleaded' so I said to her 'Im not gonna put Ultimate Unleaded in as its way too expensive', now I have to tell you that at work we drive Diesel and Unleaded vans and before I had this A4 I had a petrol BMW.
    So after my partner said that, all I had in my head was 'Normal Unleaded' so I proceeded to put £30 worth of unleaded into my car, obviously at this point I did'nt even realise.

    Anyway off we set for London, got onto the M58 out of Skelemersdale toward ths M6, just as we were about to get onto the M6 via the car died at around 50mph and came to a stand still on a huge roundabout on the live lane with traffic shooting past us, it was not a good place to break down!

    I tried to turn it over, but nothing then my partner said to me 'did you put petrol in instead of Diesel'? and straight away I knew I had.......****** FU*K FU*K FU*K !!!!! was my first thought!!!!

    Anyway so I rang my insurance Elephant because I have recovery through them, and they told me they would call a local garage to come and collect me and to clear the tank of contaminated fuel and put £20 of Diesel would cost £250!!! I said what was the other option? they said recovery back to London @ £1.50 per mile, I thought HELL NOOO!!!

    Now back to the weekend we had spent with my partners mate and her male freind which I had met and had drinks with the previous night, his name was Jeff and it just so happended that he worked at a place called 'Pipewerx' local, as soon as he said 'Pipewerx' I recognised the name and maybe some of you guys have heard of this company also? Turns out Jeff used to work at Awsome GTI and Dubsport with a guy called Ian Birch, now these guys are famous within the VAG tuning scene and are famous for various twin engined turboed Golfs Polo's etc...etc...he now runs Pipewerx fabricating custom stainless steel exhausts and loads of other engineering work not to mention revo remaps, Jeffs work is frigging fantastic he is a genius, some of the cars he had at his workshop were amazing, it included a Caddy van running two 350 bhp turb'od 20v engines (yes thats 700bhp in a Caddy!!!!:faint:) called 'Baddy' you tube it!
    a mk2 Gti running a turboed 16v KR lump which pushes out 450bhp, and a 16v turbo'd mk1GTI!!! I was in complete ore!!!!
    Jeff is the man behind all the famous cars Awsome and Dubsport produced back in the day including the infamous Pale blue twin turbo'd VR6 mk3 that done the rounds at all the VW shows back in the day!

    I myself was well involved in the Dub scene and Mk1's back in the day, having owned over 25 mk1's I used to do autojumbles at alot of the shows selling Mk1/Mk2 bits nothing serious more a hobbie, I knew quite a few guys back then, but these guys were legends in the scene always at the fore front and at VW shows back in the day used to see the cars and the guys and I always wanted to get them to do a 20v coversion on my project mk1 but never had the cash to do so, so how ironic was it that I was finally having some work done to my car now:thumbsup:

    Anyway to cut a long story short we got on like a house on fire, I'm passionate about all things car shaped anyway and Jeff is too.

    So back to the break down, I wondered whether Jeff could help me if I could get the car back to his garage?, so I decided to give Jeff a call to see if it would be possible for him to help me out.
    Now it was a Sunday and I remember asking Jeff in conversation the night before if he ever worked Sundays and he said no, so with this ringing in my ears I rang him, I explained the situ and he was so good about it, he just told me to get the car to his garage and he would sort it out for us, so this is what we did and basically he managed to get my car sorted by extracting the 70 litres of contaminated fuel out and whacking fresh Diesel in.
    We were on our way home within an hour and all I can say is Jeff @ Pipewerx is still a fu*king legend!!! he most certainly knows his stuff and is truely a craftsman when it comes to all VAG stuff and everything else in between!

    So Jeff a MASSIVE thanks to you Sir :yes:

    If you guys need a custom exhaust done or any other fabrication work done I would highly recommened Jeff and Pipewerx, the guy is so down to earth and so passionate about what he does he will put you at ease straight away!

    The moral to this story is dont be a muppet and put the wroing fuel in your car:blush:.....The end!
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2011
  2. Wozski

    Wozski Member

    did you breathe in any of that???
    Saved by the bell????
    Great effort!
  3. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

    Good story mate, good to see there are still some decent people out there.
  4. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    what a legend!!!
  5. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    Tell him to get the prices down.... he must have made a mint by now.....lol
  6. medicpaul

    medicpaul Member

    What a releif, bet your heart sunk when you realised. I remember that happened to me a few years back. Great there's still some jeffs left out there, good on him.
  7. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

  8. dubstar74

    dubstar74 Member

  9. dubstar74

    dubstar74 Member

    Yeap my heart flipped over 360degrees!! especially as we were so far away from home.....NEVER again!:noway:
  10. dubstar74

    dubstar74 Member

    To be fair he has earned the right to charge a bit more for his work due to the work he has produced in the past, and you get what you pay for?
    I did ask him about why he charges £350 for a REVO re-map instead of £250 that AMD charge for my TDI, he basically said its down to the fact that the REVO map is far more tried and tested to within VAG limits basically its the best on the market, yes you can go for a cheaper map but it wont been so rigorously tested.

    HIGGINS Member


    Lmaoo just read the comment underneath the video :laugh:

    'This blonde walked into the shop where i worked in which is a service shop for cars, and she asked me for a 710 cap?? I didnt know what she was talking about so i got the boss. She told my boss she needed a 710 cap for her car? My boss was puzzeled so he asked her to draw it for him! So she proceeded to draw a circle with 710 in the middle. My boss still puzzeled picked up the paper and turned it upside down and it spelt OIL !!! LOL'
  12. Turkster

    Turkster Bro.Paul 2.5TDI Quattro Sport

    the petrol in the diesel tank is more common than you think , we have got over 50ltrs of mixed fuel in my workshop from people doing the mixing game, it most commonly happens over the weekends too,

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