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i need to look for ?

Voice_Coil Dec 27, 2006

  1. Voice_Coil

    Voice_Coil New Member

    hi , im a new member and have decided that i want an audi a6 deisel

    looking at the 1.9 tdi se 4door.

    can anyone tell me what i should look for when buying one ?

    what are they known for , every car has its weak spots, im well aware of that, im hoping the you guys can give me some good tips and advice.

    i have 4k to spend , i know its not mega money , but i also know if i look hard enough ill find just what i want ....

    thank you very much in advance.

    chris :thumbsup:
  2. PlebbyChris

    PlebbyChris Complete Pleb

    I bought my A6 not long ago. I got a 1998 2.8 V6 that has done a lot of motorway miles (140,000 roughly) but it still runs like a dream. I managed to get it for £2300 but then spent another £3000 doing it up.

    The only real problem I had when I bought it was the suspension. I upgraded the standard shock absorbers (which were completely shagged) for Koni FSD shocks. They're pricey but worth it.

    There were few other minor things like a jammed windscreen washer jet, new wiper blades etc but the engine can't be faulted.

    I'm not sure about the diesels but I think if you don't mind doing a little cosmetic work then you can get a real bargain.

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