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I Need A Reiger Kit!!! anyone selling......

imported_BoostedAzFuk Jul 30, 2004

  1. Ive been looking for a Rieger kit for my A4.. if any one is selling, or knows where i can get it for a good price please... let me know .


    "" <font color="red"> </font> BOostedAzFuk""
  2. imported_Legrath

    imported_Legrath Guest

    Noticed on : http://www.tuning.co.uk/rieger/en-gb/dept_144.html

    The Audi A4 8E Look Front Spoiler, found this quite appealing. I dont think it actually makes the car look like the new A4, but I like it anyway.

    Has anyone installed this, with pics...since the pics on that site are very small ?


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