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I might want to buy an S4... insurance costs?

LDoR Apr 7, 2010

  1. LDoR

    LDoR likes his V6

    Hello all.

    I'm currently in a situaton where my S3 might be written off due to it being stolen and the recovered in a bad condition. My GAP insurance should then kick in so i have a pot of money to play with (potentially at least).

    I'm of quite a mind set to got for a B7 S4 Avant. I've seen a few examples on pistonheads at around the £15k mark which is very appealing as i would have cash left over to build a track car or something similarly blokey.

    After reading about the different revisions of the B7 i was interested in post 2007 models as they have a similar central diff to the RS4 being able to send more power backwards. However as 2007 models are much more expensive to buy and the road tax is double past 2006, i think i'll not worry. Besides, it should be possible to retrofit the rearward bias diff should it not. I'm currently thinking i'd like to buy one pre moded with a nice exhaust system to really let that V8 sing and ideally be fitted with less dumpy looking alloys than the standard affair.

    Now i'd like to ask about the toys that these cards have as there are a few things i just loved on my S3. Can i have, adaptove lighting (i.e. bi-xenons that auto level and look round corners), automatic wipers and auto dimming side and rear view mirrors?

    Also does anybody have any kind of indication of what kind of insurance i might have to pay. 29, living in Chester with a garage available, only claim is the theft, no points (yet). I've had one off Swift but at over £800, its too much for a car i won't drive everyday.

    Thanks guys.
  2. sparks

    sparks Glad im back

    Hey mate ive got a 2005 S4 avant facelift model it has xenons but none of the other bits you looking for and im £450 fully comp to insure got my milage at 6000 for the year as im only here 6 months out of the year with elephant with 4 years no claims plus ive got my mother on my insuance which took it down alot and she never has driven it yet, just taxed it at end of march and was £218 for the year!Hope this helps!

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