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i could get my wheels back

rickparmar Dec 20, 2004

  1. rickparmar

    rickparmar va va voom

    ok i spoke to the people who have my car, they said i can swap the wheels but i need permission from direct line, and direct line need to send a letter to the people who have my car, saying its ok

    what the hell do i do, and what do i say 2 direct line

    the guy said to me, jus explain that i had alloys b4, n all am doind is swapping them because i bought them a couple of days b4 the accident
  2. nervus

    nervus Well-Known Member

    The insurance will deem the wheels in an accident claim differntly to a 'Stolen' claim.

    The main reason wheels increase premium is that they make the car more attractive to potential thiefs. As long as your aftermarket wheels are the correct specification for the car you might get away with paying the elevated premium for having uprated wheels.

    The insurance have'nt paid out yet have they? It is still your car then and you have the right to remove anything you like, just go and swap the wheels or talk to the guys who have your car pounded and even suggest a xmas bonus, im sure you could get them back.
  3. neversaydie

    neversaydie Post Whore

    As I stated in another post - Nervus is correct if they aint paid up then anything on your car is still yours! - Go remove them.
  4. You'll be able to get your wheels back, if you swap them over with the alloys that go with that model A3 (sorry fogot which one it was). You won't be able to leave it up on bricks, and if you have told the insurance company that the wheels haven't been modifiedaid then they will expect standard alloys on there, not 13" steel nova wheels /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh_roll.gif
  5. rickparmar

    rickparmar va va voom

    but then they can void the insurance, because i never declared them.
  6. Insurance companies are not in the habit of overlooking something like this. You should have declared them as a modification, so you might be in shtuck. But good luck.
  7. dave_cornwall

    dave_cornwall New Member

    Insurance companies will do everything they can to get outta paying out... u should have declared them they do have the right to void ya insurance and not give u a penny back... oh and sting u for the storage fee too...

    I had a m8 who didn't declared alloys and lowering spring(supplied and fitted by ford) and he now has a 15K coffee table. They voided his insurance and he got a bill for the recovery and crushing of his focus. He'll be paying for it for another 5 years...

    But i hope u dont get stuck like that /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

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