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Hummer Limo's

JohnboyC Nov 28, 2010

  1. JohnboyC

    JohnboyC Member

    This evening was stuck behind a massive Hummer Limo (must of been 2 to 3 normal cars in length) on the A49 between Bamber Bridge (near Preston) and Charnock Richard village.....on a National Speed Limit (60 mph) stretch of 2 lane A road. The pile of sh1t could only do 25mph and it had to brake on every bend......the queue behind me must of been at least 30 cars and due to the number of bends in the road no overtaking opportunities.......

    Can someone tell me why we allow these **** so called limo's on our roads ?
  2. Fahim

    Fahim Member

    Because they look gangster get me.

    Stupid chavvy looking things.

    I much prefer a smart royals royce!

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