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Rollin Jun 10, 2007

  1. Rollin

    Rollin New Member

    I've recently purchased a nice B7 A4 S-line 2.0 TFSI cabriolet. 2006 and 10000 miles

    When the revs are at around 1200 there is a quite loud low frequency hum in the cabin. Sounds a little like the engine is about to stall, but revs are too high for that. The car is multitronic.

    It seems to be worse when warmed up.

    It sounds like when you turn the bass right up on the hifi..like a subwoofer type hum/vibration.

    Does anyone know what the cause is and if it can be sorted, as it is quite annoying.

    Posted on another forum and was told to take it to dealer, but would like some ideas beforehand.


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