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Huge off on friday night!!My S3 is dead, lucky im not.

adtkm83 Nov 11, 2007

  1. rodenal

    rodenal Active Member

    Me too, its done now regardless of how it did or didnt happen and what you could or couldnt have done.

    Insurance will go up for 3 years, but who cares thats what it's there for.
  2. adtkm83

    adtkm83 New Member


    i understand what your saying. this one was really not down to experience. I have a huge amount of experience with powerful cars i used to work for Renault sport running track days for them. So have had lots of time in powerful cars like. clio V6,172,182 and 225 Megane’s

    But i have learned for sure that i am not indestructible and things can go wrong.
  3. simch

    simch Active Member

    ER, sorry, but clearly you are not as good or experienced driver as you think you are, or needed to be the other night.

    Trackdays in other people's cars prepare you NOT ONE LITTLE BIT for driving on dark dingy nights on public roads .......

    I am not convinced you have learned anything.......

    its all someone or something else's fault, isn't it????

    I think you need to face up the the fact that YOU and no one or thing else was responsible for your accident, that you are not as good a driver as you think you are, and you have hopefully many years ahead of you to learn "roadcraft" ie the art of driving safely on the public road.
    You were going too fast...period. Accept it and remeber that for next time you are in a similar situation.
  4. grathies

    grathies More Points Than Portsmouth FC

    Youll never be right on here, or on any forum mate, you could be the greatest driver ever and youll still get people that are better than you on here (teh intranet is for teh win, leet postaars on the bordz!)

    Dont sweat it, it always comes round to everyone else in the end

    Good luck with it all anyway, whats the next plan for car? Gonna go for something in a lower insurance group or just opt for a better car altogether?
  5. adtkm83

    adtkm83 New Member


    Well i was going to ask.... what do you think for the next car grathies?

    I was thinking a seat Ibiza FR 130 tdi and get it chipped. or a mini cooper
    i don’t no mate any help will be greatly received.
  6. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    Good luck with the insurance co. They will come back with an offer which will be less than the car is worth. When I had my claim, they offered me £500 quid less than what I had paid for the car only 4 days before. I knew that I hadn't paid over the odds for the car so put together some evidence as to why I wanted a full payout.

    So I got some copies of similar spec cars for sale on Autotrader, plus a copy of the purchase receipt, sent them all off to Elephant and they agreed to pay out the full purchase value, less the excess.

    Ultimately insurance companies aren't there to help you. They are there to maximise the profits for their shareholders. So if they can get away with paying you less they will try it on. Just stick to your guns and give them lots of evidence and they will eventually back down. Just be prepared for a few phone calls and emails along the way!

    Oh, and finally, a crash is a terrible thing to happen to anyone, whatever the reason. To echo a load of previous comments, at least you are ok. The safety devices in the car did their job and you walked away.
  7. TheSpaceCowboy

    TheSpaceCowboy Member

    Just echo'ing what Grathies said, you'll never win on here. These people who preach about driving perfectly obviously have been on every driving course available and are so in tune with the car they drive that they cry after every trip. Simple fact of it is cars go forward at speed, these lot obviously drive with mystic meg in the car.
  8. spannah

    spannah Member

    Damn man, glad your ok too, im sure the airbags came flying straight out at the same time. Any pics of the car?
  9. Wes G

    Wes G Member

    As already said mate ignore the muppets on here that believe they are perfect:motz: , glad you`re ok and good luck with the new car, hope you get paid out ok from the insurance.:icon_thumright:
  10. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Good luck with the insurance co.

    Glad your ok fella. [​IMG]
  11. grathies

    grathies More Points Than Portsmouth FC

    Funniest quote on the board Ive seen yet, nice one!

    The TDI Seats are nice mate, depends what size car you looking for really? I do have a real soft spot for the newer Ibiza Dervs, nice bit of torque and easily chippable, just found the interiors to be a shade to the bland side of things (mind you I only noticed today how ugly the S3 dash really is!)

    Have a shop about, the Seats are a good bet, only thing is the depreciation on them atm but as you dont seem to keep a car on the road that long Id not worry ;) (only messing mate, happens to the best of us... Well obviously not the perfect people lol)

    Keep us posted!

    PS... any pictures? Id be interested to see how it held up, obv you may not be able to post them yet untill youve sorted your insurance issues out
  12. GhostyDog

    GhostyDog New Member

    Pretty much, yes it's always a terrible thing if someone is killed or injured badly in a RTA, but people still need to take responsibility for their actions as I agree wholeheartedly with ShineyDaves comments, appropriate speed is key to driving safely.

    On another note a couple of weeks back I was driving the road between Ripponden and the M62 Summit, I came round a corner as 2 sheep jumped down off the moor and ran across the road, because my speed was such that I was in control of the car I was able to accelerate and slot the car through the gap between the rampaging sheep.

    Had I been driving on the edge I would definately have hit one of the sheep and if not hitting it, by trying to evade, I would have ended up on the wrong side of the road on a blind corner to oncoming traffic or off down a steep embankment and into a reservoir.

    Was it luck or a product of driving within the limits of the conditions and the car?

    If anybody thought my initial post on this thread was a bit harsh I apologise and in retrospect I could have said it without sounding like a Troll.

  13. grathies

    grathies More Points Than Portsmouth FC

    Id have got out and bummed them. Just for the banter.

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