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HU and Sub Install

Discussion in 'In-Car Entertainment' started by thejoose, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. thejoose

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    Apr 7, 2009
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    [Apr 12, 2009]
    The original plan was to use an aux in adaptor (autoleads or connects2 etc) and an MP3 player as a source. When I did the sums on this it came to about £150 for what would be a pretty crappy long term solution so thanks to a budget boost from the wife (still funning this stupid addiction of mine!) and a very helpful afternoon at Oxford Car Audio I decided to bite the bullet and go the whole hog - replacing the stock HU with an MP3 playing usb capable HU, as well as running power and rcas for the bass in the back. And here is the result

    I left OCA with a JVC KD SH1000 HU, a Celsus Quadlock/Iso Adaptor, double din adaptor and a Celsus 4awg wiring kit

    The HU


    Inistial thoughts on the HU are very good - handled 8gb of mp3s on a USB stick easily, some great config options as well

    The boot - a pair of Lanzar DC8 8" subs in a fantastic Box running from a Lanzar Vibe 1200w amp @ 4ohm


    Running the 4awg was pretty easy - managed to find a grommet where the AC comes through the bulkhead just below the glovebox (i had it out to fit the HU anyway)



    Ran it down the passenger side sill and into the boot

    an earth came from the boot lock mounting point, there was nowhere nearer for a good connection but its out of the way - I will lengthen it when i next get the chance


    It sounds bloody good considering its stock speakers and a pair of lightweight 8's getting about 400wrms between them!

    I have since made some changes

    Just moved bits around this morning - Firing the subs up and re routing the earth cable



    And the port - it looks so good - its a shame it cant be seen


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