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foursprungdugtechnique Mar 26, 2014

  1. Has anyone else got experience of products from this site?
    I just got full set of discs and pads, rears with bearings fitted.
    The parts arrived quickly, 29Kg parcel! Will get pics of the contents later
  2. B5 BIKER

    B5 BIKER Member

    Great service from these guys, I also got the full set of discs and pads with bearings. No problems.
    Also bought avant boot struts from them, one of which failed after 6 months. Contacted them and he sent brand new pair by express post. No questions asked. German efficiency.
  3. I've just opened the box, have to say, those Remax discs look like very high quality items!
  4. My boot struts are starting to leak a bit. Sounds like these guys are pretty good to deal with, probably get cheap motor factor stuff for around the same money as what you can get excellent quality parts from Germany ImageUploadedByTapatalk1395881626.451309.jpg
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  5. Brake discs and pads all fitted, perfect fit, brakes feel great again.
    Can safely recommend them from my experience. Around £172 all in

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