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http://shop.revotechnik.com/ poor customer service! Not happy!

RedDejavu May 7, 2012

  1. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Well-Known Member

    Ok. I try to sort out Stage 2 atm and wanted someone from Revo shop to advise me on Supersprint exhaust which I decided is the best option for my nearly brand new car. I called up the customer service few times without a luck then when someone finally picked up said that he needs to find out if they are able to order it and would confirm the final price and delivery times by then. He took my number without even asking what exact type of Supersprint exhaust I'm really willing to buy as there are 2 different pipe types and few cat backs! Most importantly was to ask where I live which I found a bit weird maybe it was down to postage cost or something? I dont know. After that I got promised to be called back within an hour or so but I never did.

    Got really annoyed at that stage and decided to give it few days, again no response simply fobbed me off. Decided to call them up again but unfortunately with a same result the guy said his friend who deals with orders is currently not available and will contact me as soon as hes back to work which supposedly should be the following day. I tried to get as much information as possible out of the guy on a phone and actually I gathered enough to know what I need to order but again no call back complete waste of time, fobbed off again not nice to say but when someone wants to spend nearly 2k should not get treated like this. Really disappointed and wont recommend this as your parts dealer unfortunately unless you know what you're after and can do everything through the website without calling their customer service up. Maybe rest of you have had better experience but in this case I cant say different than that. Sorry:/
  2. Kelza

    Kelza MODERATOR Staff Member Moderator Audi RS3

    Hi mate why not give amd in essex a phone as they could sort this out for u :)
  3. Kelvin_S

    Kelvin_S Member

    Oh man what a nightmare. I'd be so annoyed, they don't deserve your business - go elsewhere.
  4. Farhan

    Farhan Active Member

    Good you posted this up here matt, I think revo need to up there game in the tuning market in terms of customer care. As a brand i dont doubt them but no longer are they willing to offer a discount or attend there customers. It just seems they want the sale and that is all that matters. (obviously sales matter but when new on the scene there is so much advise and care which draws you into a brand, Now that the brand just runs on name its like they have just forgotten about what the customer wants as a package)

    Looking back at when i bought my car i called them up in regards to tuning and wanted to find out specific details of hardware options for my car, They were not very helpful and just gave me vague answers like oh most of the stuff from a MK6 will fit.....Well duh like WHAT??!!? product recommendations etc

    I wanted a revo remap and raved about it for a while, A couple of people i know have dealt with them in the past with great success but now when trying to ask them to price match or anything it was a simple no.

    I ended up taking my business else where. Now i dont wish to sound tight but i am not willing to pay over the odds for something when i know around a week ago they were alot cheaper...
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