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hpfp and fmic fitted.

Jonni Oct 9, 2013

  1. Jonni

    Jonni Active Member

    Well as above its been a busy day today . first off I fitted the new Loba hpfp along with a new can follower. It was a doddle to do and requires no mechanical skill at all.

    Next up me and my mate set about fitting the THS fmic. This was easy enough to do just there's a lot of parts that need to come off the car lol.
    Didn't take any pictures as once the car was back to getha you can't see nothing lol .

    I could notice the difference straight away with the new bigger and less restrictive fmic . throttle response seems better and pick up feels crisper.

    My exhaust gets done on the 30th and then mapped on the 1st happy days
  2. kimhemm

    kimhemm Member

    Sounds like a fun day.

    The HPFP certainly help on these cars in the middle range where they deliver the fuel the system want

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