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Howto wire amp and sub speaker on Audi A3?

beqen Jan 6, 2007

  1. beqen

    beqen New Member

    I have A3,04 with three doors and I am about to replace the original sub to start with (non bose)

    I've been looking all over the internet, searching forums and stuff, for drawings and pictures on how to pull the cables the best way and how to remove the interior the correct way. :uhm:

    Andymac seems like a good man who knows everything!

    I think it would be great if the guys who has drawings and pictures on "Howto" can but here and make it a sticky?
    I have found useful information on this forum, searching and searching but not really a complete guide.

    I usually install navigation equipment on big ships so I am quite used to cabling, My major problem is to find the best way to remove the interior without braking it!

    I have removed the old "sub" and will start to find a good way to pull the powercable for the new amp.
    If you have some pictures or useful links on how to pull the cable and remove the interior it would be much appreciated?

    Thanks in advance.
    (Quite a long first thread, sorry for that)
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Sorry mate I've never worked on an 8P A3, but I'm sure someone will be along shortly with the info.
  3. debrito

    debrito New Member

    hi i am doing the same to the same car and i could also do with some help ,at the moment i have only removed the headunit and replaced it with alipine 9835 but nothing else
    so help help help us both if you can
  4. beqen

    beqen New Member

    I have removed the left sidepanel in the trunk.
    For me it was a bit tricky, did'nt really figured out the correct way.
    (The guides that i found on internet did not look like on my car) audi a3 year 03.
    I beleive the best idea is to remove the left backseat( I didn't)

    Any way this is how i did it!

    There are no screws holding it on place.
    Remove the trunk matt.
    1 remove the center back panel in the trunk(where the lock for the trunk is) by pushing it upwards.

    2. Remove the little black hanger(hook) on the left panel by pushing it backwards.
    Have a small screwdriver between the panel and the hook and lift the hook sligtly from the panel while pushing it backwards.

    3 The major problems are the clips underneath the black hook and one more on the same heigt further back, see note 6

    4 the left panel is also attached to the backseat panel by clips, can be released by dragging the panel sligtly towards the right side of the car.

    5 The panel needs to be removed from the "the black hooks" on the buttom of the trunk py pushing the panel upwards.
    This needs to be done in order to push the entire Panel forward in order to release it from the clips behind the black hook!

    Now comes the tricky part where i failed:banghead:
    6. Hopefully the left side panel should now only be attached to the clips in note 3
    I believe the correct way to release this are by pushing the panel towards the backseet(forward)
    I broke one of the attachments on the panel. but when i see the panel from the inside it looks like the only way to do it!

    I did'nt take any picture while removing it.
    There are no Screws on my panel but there must be a better way to remove it from the clips holding it on the back of the black hook?

    If anyone else has a better(correct way:blink:) to do it, please let me know

    Sorry for my poor english!
  5. MiT

    MiT Work Hard, Play harder!!

    This is exatactly what i need to do as well. Only had the car for a few weeks. So am trying to find as much info as possable.

    any body else done this yet? any pictures to help?

    There must be someone....

    Also is this the same for the right side?
  6. MiT

    MiT Work Hard, Play harder!!

    I just found this link posted by another user on this forum.


    It explains how to remove side panel on a 8P!!

    Excellent. thought i would post here incase other people might like to now.

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