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  1. mrfox

    mrfox New Member

    Hi guys, just picked up my Audi A4 Convertible 1.8T Quattro Never had an Audi before always been an Alfa man and just recently My Spider got written off by a Tescos Artic!! So after the payout thought i would get something with a bit more space and better reliability.... So far very happy!!!! apart from the insuarance!!! being 23 doesnt help but £1400 a year?! realy?!!

    Rant over - Loving the car.....
  2. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Hi, welcome to ASN. Post pics of the car. Enjoy the forum. :)

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