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How would you handle this situation?

Maz Apr 6, 2008

  1. Caesium

    Caesium My BM is fixed! VCDS Map User

    Unfortunately the attitude of "its all about me" is what causes people to park in those spaces unnecessarily anyway, if people cared about each other and didn't dent my ******* doors in, there would be no need to park in them.

    Why should you care for someone else that has no respect for you or your property?

    Just for the record I don't normally park in them, just wanted to provoke a response, I normally park as far from the store as is possible, much to the annoyance of my missus.
    Less people there you see, they're all vying for the parking spot right by the door. Lazy fuckers.
  2. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    Same same.
    The wife seems happy to pay £30 gym subscription to run on the spot for 30mins 4 times a week but walking 40 yards once a week at the expense of knowing my car is safer is just "too much hassle" it seems.

    My little one is 7 now and can get in and out of the car easy without needing to be in a P+C space.

    So even though I still have a `child`, I stopped using them recently to (hopefully) leave them to those with babies and toddlers who need them.

  3. 10blazin


    i pulled up to tesco and it was ******* down there's no way id leave my kid in the car,,,,,, anyhow i have a 7 month old daughter i stopped to let my girlfriend out she got the trolley and ran in with the baby anyhow i looked in my rear view there's a large man in his 40s to 50 and there's a lad about 30.... i looked in my rear view and this big guy is going ******* hell screaming i thought wtf anyhow pulled up next to my car said what the **** you doing parked there i just let my girl and kid out, he wouldn't listen just carried on i just said **** off and he said summat then the 30 year old said f in knob head that was it i sat there for 10 secs then it was Micheal Douglas falling down i just snapped razzed the car over to there jumped out i said who the f*&k are you talking to the big guy come over and i pushed him and started ... i said to the 30 year old talk to me like that again il suck your f&*king nose off,,,, i swear the pair of them **** it totaly and said woe chillout man but even if they started i would of died b4 i lost ..what a pair of tossers i wanted to kill em....... tipical shopping rage all i was doing was parking up so my baby didnt get pissed wet threw and a fat bully started goin on

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