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How weird is this DTC??

S4_dan Oct 9, 2011

  1. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    Cleaned and refitted my original TB (part number doesn't match to what ETKA states should be on my car, but it came with this TB fitted and obviously been opened before!)

    Drove the car to get some fuel tonight after doing the TBA hours earlier. Car doesn't have as much power as it did with the replacement TB on (That was noticeable straight away fitting the new one, but it caused it me running problems)

    Anyway, came home fan blowers not working so decided to scan the car. Anyway, the SECOND DTC has me worried!!
    These are the results:

    VCDS-Lite Version: Release 1.0
    Sunday, 09 October 2011, 17:47:11:0
    Control Module Part Number: 4D0 907 551 F
    Component and/or Version: 2.8L V6/5V MOTR HS D03
    Software Coding: 04201
    Work Shop Code: WSC 00020
    4 Faults Found:
    18010 - Power Supply Terminal 30: Voltage too Low
    P1602 -- 35-10 - - - Intermittent
    17968 - Maximum Engine Speed Exceeded: Engine Warranty VOID! :)
    P1560 -- 35-10 - - - Intermittent
    16551 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B2 S3; Heating Circuit: Malfunction
    P0167 -- 35-00 - -
    01169 - Door Contact Switch Driver Side (F2)
    11-10 -- Control Limit Not Reached - Intermittent

    Not that there will be any warranty on the engine anyway, but is this caused by hitting the rev limiter? I took the revs right round in 3rd but don't believe it hit the limiter?!?

  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Rev limiter wouldnt cause that imo.

    It means the engines been revved past the limiter, for example downshifting from 4th to 3rd or whatever.
  3. jamie226bhp

    jamie226bhp Member

    I had that engine speed exceeded on a Puegoet and it was a sensor on the gearbox that had broken up inside
  4. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    I've read online after posting, that its possibly caused by the cam sensor?!

    Very strange.

    Still have that bloody B2 S3 fault code though?!?!

    But no TB Basic Settings DTC!! whoop whoop. lol

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