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How to use measuring block 032?

abdus Aug 13, 2008

  1. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

    I've bene trying to check my O2 sensor using measuring block 032, but it keeps showing N/A.

    I've been reading on VWVortex regarding initaitaing the test (don't know if it is significant here) on different engines.

    Do I need to do this? My engine is an AGU engine.

    Any help appreciated.

  2. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

    now sorted...thanks for the replies...lol
  3. S3 Chris

    S3 Chris Member

    Hi Abdus how did you get on with this?

    Ive logged block 32 and am getting constant values. :think:
    -3.8% constantly on the ' Bank 1, sensor 1, partial load (fuel trim at elevated engine speeds (Multiplicative),' block

    Maybe its just Knackered?

    Anyone else had a problem with their o2 sensor ?

  4. S3 Chris

    S3 Chris Member

    sorry i mean:

    -3.1% constantly on Bank 1, sensor 1, idle (Oxygen sensors learning values fuel trim at idle (Additive), )


    -3.8% constantly on
    Bank 1, sensor 1, partial load (fuel trim at elevated engine speeds (Multiplicative),

  5. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

    this is what I used for the AGU (it doesn't have measuring block 032 for the AGU):


    hope this helps....I've highlighted the blocks I needed to check the lambda. and the value range it should fall into. I'm still new with vagcom and learning. Someone more knowledgeable could also help ;)

    BTW, i needed to check the O2 sensor for my MOT because I was getting totally wrong values on the emission test...It was all sorted in the end...(MAF wasn't connected...hehe)

    But this helped to check the O2 sesnor :)

    ; VAG-COM Measuring Block AGU Engine Label file.
    ; Component number 06A 906 018 CG
    ; Does not work with 06A 906 018 FA (2000 US 2.0L)
    ; Created by James Billings. Thanks to "Dave" the VW tech who
    ; got me the codes!
    ; Visit http://ds.dial.pipex.com/town/terrace/pp70/golf
    1,0,Basic Functions - Spec figures at Idle
    1,1,Idle speed,800-920 rpm
    1,2,Engine load,0.5-1.5 m/s
    1,3,Throttle ang,0-5 deg.
    1,4,Ignition ang,6-12 BTDC
    2,0,Basic Functions - Spec figures at Idle
    2,1,Idle speed,800-920 rpm
    2,2,Engine load,0.5-1.5 m/s
    2,3,Inj. period,1.00-3.00 m/s
    2,4,Air mass in,1.8-4 g/s
    3,0,Basic Functions - - Spec figures at Idle
    3,1,Idle speed,800-920 rpm
    3,2,Supply volts,10-14.5V
    3,3,Coolant temp,80-105 d/C
    3,4,Intake temp,-45-108.5 d/C
    4,0,Idle Stabilisation - Spec figures at Idle
    4,1,Throttle ang.,0-5 deg.
    4,2,Idle mass,-1.7-1.7 A/T
    4,3,Idle mass,0 if man/t
    4,4,Op. mode,
    5,0,Idle Stabilisation - Spec figures at Idle
    5,1,Idle speed,800-920 rpm
    5,2,Spec. idle,860 rpm
    5,3,Idle reg,-10-10%
    5,4,Air mass in,1.8-4 g/s
    6,0,Idle Stabilisation - Spec figures at Idle

    6,1,Idle speed,800-920 rpm
    6,2,Idle reg,-10-10%
    6,3,Lambda reg,-10-10%
    6,4,Ign angle,6-12 BTDC
    7,0,Lambda learned values

    7,1,Lambda reg,-10-10%
    7,2,Probe volts,0-1V
    7,3,Valve duty,angle 0-99%
    8,0,Lambda learned values

    8,1,Inj. period,1-3 m/s
    8,2,Idle learned,-10-10%
    8,4,Vent mode
    9,0,Lambda learned values

    9,1,Idle speed,800-920 rpm
    9,2,Lambda reg,-10-10%
    9,3,Probe volts,0-1V
    9,4,Idle learned,-10-10%
    10,0,Fuel tank breather
    10,1,Valve duty,angle 0-99%
    10,3,Filter state,-3-32
    10,4,Purge rate,0-0.3
    11,0,Fuel Consumption
    11,1,Idle speed,800-920 rpm
    11,2,Engine load,0.5-1.5 m/s
    11,3,Road speed,km/h
    12,0,Fuel Consumption [Not verified in manual]
    12,1,Engine rpm,0-6800 rpm
    12,4,Ign degrees,deg
    13,0,Knock regulation [Not verified in manual]
    14,0,Knock control
    14,1,Engine speed,0-6800 rpm
    14,2,Engine load,0-10 m/s
    14,3,Cyl 1 retard,0-9 degCA
    14,4,Cyl 2 retard,0-9 degCA
    15,0,Knock control
    15,1,Engine speed,0-6800 rpm
    15,2,Engine load,0-10 m/s
    15,3,Cyl 3 retard,0-9 degCA
    15,4,Cyl 4 retard,0-9 degCA
    16,0,Knock control
    16,1,Sens 1 volts,0.4-1.4V
    16,2,Sens 2 volts,0.4-1.4V
    16,3,Sens 3 volts,0.4-1.4V
    16,4,Sens 4 volts,0.4-1.4V
    17,0,[Not listed in manual - Using default labels]
    18,0,Altitude adaptation
    18,1,Idle speed,800-920 rpm
    18,2,Engine load,0.5-1.5 m/s
    18,3,Throttle,valve angle
    18,4,Alt. correc.,-50-10%
    19,0,Additional signals
    19,1,Engine speed,0-6800 rpm
    19,2,Engine load,0-10 m/s
    19,4,Ign. timing,20Atdc-42Btdc
    20,0,Operating Modes
    20,1,Idle speed,800-920 rpm
    20,2,Auto trans,Neutral/ON
    20,3,Air cond.,AC High/Low
    20,4,A/C Comp.,Compr ON/OFF
    21,0,Lambda Control
    21,1,Idle speed,800-920 rpm
    21,2,Engine load,0.5-1.5 m/s
    21,3,Coolant temp,-40-125 deg/C
    21,4,Lambda mode,
    23,0,Throttle valve adaptation
    23,1,Learning req.,100000
    23,2,Min stop,72-95%
    23,3,Emerg. stop,60-91%
    23,4,Max stop,18-54%
    24,0,Knock control
    24,1,Engine speed,0-6800 rpm
    24,2,Engine load,0-10 m/s
    24,3,Ign timing,20Atdc-42Btdc
    24,4,Sum of ret.,angle 0-36
    25,0,Charge Pressure control
    25,1,Spec. load,3-8 m/s
    25,2,Load correc.,0-8 m/s
    25,3,Actual load,0.5-8 m/s
    25,4,Valve cycle,0-99%
    26,0,[Not listed in manual - Using default labels]
    27,0,[Not listed in manual - Using default labels]
    66,0,Cruise control
    66,1,Road speed,km/h
    66,2,Switch pos.,xxxx
    66,3,Spec. speed
    66,4,CCS switch,position
    95,0,Basic functions
    95,1,Idle speed,800-920 rpm
    95,2,Engine load,0.5-1.5 m/s
    95,3,Ign timing,
    95,4,Coolant temp.,80-105 degC
    97,0,[Not listed in manual - Using default labels]
    98,0,Throttle Valve Matching/Calibration/Adaptation
    98,1,Valve voltage,0-5V
    98,2,Sender voltage,0-5V
    98,3,Opr. mode,
    98,4,Adapt mode,RUN/OK/ERROR
    99,0,Lambda regulation
    99,1,Engine speed,0-6800 rpm
    99,2,Coolant temp,-40-125 deg/C
    99,3,Lambda reg.,-10-10%
    99,4,Lambda mode
    ;End of File
  6. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

  7. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

    i think you would be more interested with the values...just the measuring blocks are different on the above

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