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How to tell which A4 has a Multitronic or Tiptronic box

Demented Jul 11, 2011

  1. Demented

    Demented New Member

    I plan to purchase a A4 b6, ideally an 1.8 S line or maybe a 130 sport diesel.

    It was my desire to have the Automatic/Sequential Transmissions.

    However, I have since discovered that the Audi Multitronic box have well know issues which can be expensive to repair.

    Is this so throughout the entire A4 b6 range or is there a year when Audi rectified the issue ?

    Are there any know Issues with the Tiptronic or the Manual gearboxes ?

    I assume that Tiptronic and Multitronic both offer the option of a full automatic or a driver input +/- gear change option ?

    Is a Tiptronic or Multitronic gearbox referred to as a DSG ?

    I'm aware the Tiptronic box has a torque converter and the Multitronic is CVT system.

    How can I tell the different between the Tiptronic and Multitronic gearbox from inside the car or by sight ?
  2. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    Very easilly....

    DSG = post B6, so none of those.
    Multitronic = FWD.
    Tiptronic = quattro's.

    The sometimes fragile 6-plate multitronic gearboxes were most heavilly affected by high torque engines:
    2.5TDI (163bhp FWD flavour), full mandatory recall and replaced with 7-plate clutches.
    1.8TDI / 1.9TDI had a Audi free of charge or subsidised replacement if affected withing certain time / mileage limits.
    Not sure on status of other engines with multitronic gearboxes.

    Check with Audi and they should be able to tell you if the gearbox has had the £1500-£2000 fix applied.
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  3. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    All the Audi automatics have a "driver input" option via the gear lever (push it across and push up and down to change), but the paddleshift was a optional extra, and a lot of cars do not include that...

    And yes, Audi rectified the clutch problems on the multitronics, but too late to catch any of the B6's from new: mid-2007.
  4. Woorlord

    Woorlord shifting to Hyperspace... . VCDS Map User

    Option code: "0G7" = Tiptronic
    Look in the inside page at the Service Book, or sticker usually in the spare wheel well - all factory options are indicated.

    Lostbok is spot on!
  5. Demented

    Demented New Member

    Thanks for all replies.

    So, Tiptronic is only available on A4 Quattro's ?

    Do Audi actually produce a 1.8 A4, b6 S line Quattro with an Tiptronic box ?

    I only have Parkers Guide and on line car ads, such as Autotrader etc as my reference and most A4 b6's listed with Tiptronic tend to be of the bigger engine variety ?

    I see Audi do produce 2.0 A4 b7, S line Quattro with Tiptronic but not a Diesel ?

    So with the A4 B6, is safe to assume that all A4's with a Multitronic box would have had either a free of charge or subsidised gearbox replacement, which can be confirmed via the service history/invoice or through Audi, I guess by quoting VIN/Reg ?

    Or did Audi only offer such a replacement when a gearbox fault arose, thus still quite a few A4 B6's running ok on original Multitronic boxes,
    I guess, until I buy one ?

    Did the free or subsidised gearbox replacement resolve the Multitronic gearbox issues ?

    Are the gearbox issues only associated with the multitronic box ?

    I'm aware the paddle shift was an optional extra and although I would like that feature too, I've not come across many A4's with such a feature fitted.

    The paddle shift feature, if not already fitted is something I hope is possible to add at a later date, if feasible.

    Is paddle shift available in both the Tiptronic and Multitronic boxes ?
  6. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    I assume you mean 1.8T. Even with that one, technically I think that is a "no" as the S-Lines were only the late model 190PS's, which were manual only. They did do a 1.8T quattro sport tiptronic, but I think that was stopped by 2003 when the Sport models were furnished with the S-Line trim, even if they were still labelled as "Sports".
    Try searching on Sport, rather than S-Line: if it's genuinely made after 2003, then the sport models should have the S-Line body kit, even if they don't have the badges, painted brake calipers, door sills, etc.
    Again, I assume you mean 2.0T, then yes, they do.... regarding the 2.0TDI, then I believe that there isn't that much demand for that particular combination: the people who want auto and economy (i.e. TDI) tend to go with the FWD multitronic, the people who want auto and lots of grunt for towing (TDI) AND traction (i.e. quattro) tend to go with the 3.0TDI, which is available in tiptronic.
    Definitely not safe to assume that at all.... please note that the answers to these multitronic questions only apply to auto+FWD cars): - if it's a 2.5TDI, then it should have, but please check, do not assume. - if it's a 1.8T/1.9TDI and it failed within certain contraints, then it may have had this done previously, but I wouldn't reocommend on relying on Audi helping you out now with a 7+ year old car that has a failed multitroinic. - if it's a 2.0 / 2.4 petrol, then I'm not sure any of these were repaired/subsidised by Audi as the engines produce a lot less torque, so it should not cause a problem unless they've been seriously abused. *I believe that 5 yrs or 40k - 60k miles was the limit set by most dealers.
    Audi should be able to confirm if you give them the VIN/reg number, preferably VIN.
    More than quite a few, since a lot of the multitronics were 2.0 NA petrols: Most NA engines still have original multitronic gearboxes. Most V6 TDI's were replaced. Not sure on the stats with the 1.8T's and 1.9TDI, but there will be a mix.
    Yes, as far as clutch failures, that fix should make the clutch nearly as reliable as a regular auto, although I believe that they do still need more regular oil replacements than any of the other boxes (every 40k miles?).
    The only real "known problem" with the design of B6 gearboxes was with the multitronics and their ability to cope with high torque engines.
    It was an expensive option.
    Yes*, but it's a steering wheel replacement and you'll probably either need to find a B6 wheel from a breakers (very rare) or convert over to a B7 wheel which has it's own risks or complications. I've seen a TT paddle-shift steering wheel retro-fitted to an 02 plate 1.8T cabriolet and I believe that the paddle-shift function was "live". * I'm pretty sure that this is possible, but if you're going down this route, please check with somebody like HazzyDayz (vwcruise.com) as that's the type of thing that they would be able to do, so at least they'll let you know if it's possible / how much it'll cost - note that upgrading to a B7 style wheel is NOT cheap, so might also be worth checking if you can get one from a B7/ A6 from the breakers before you commit to this path.
    Yes, pretty sure it was available on both: it's definitely available on both now.
  7. Demented

    Demented New Member

    Thanks lostbok, Much appreciated for the information, arrangement of your reply and your time taken, thanks again.

    I initially wanted an A4 1.8T S line because its an S line, I know engine and performance is no different to that of a 190 Se or Sport but its an S line ?

    However, based on the performance figure of the 190, there's not much difference between that and the 130 Diesel, the MPG figures of 130 Diesel are what makes it appealing.

    I've come across a few high mileage 1.9 130 Diesel Sports, equipped as the S line, complete with S line leather interior, sill trims and badges. Two of which were auto's but not Quattro's, yet claimed to be Tiptronic ?

    Although sellers the claimed 130's were equipt as an S line from new, I assumed all had been added by previous owners at some point ?

    I've never considered the 1.8 Sports Quattro, purely because it was not an S line but if available with S line trim like that of the 130 Diesel Sport and with a tiptronic box, then its contender.

    Although with all this confusion regarding Multitronic boxes, the possibiltly of buying one by mistake, just my luck and an expensive repair, I'm veereing towards buying a manual.

    Has the issues with the multitronic boxes been resovled on the A4 B7 ?

    As for the paddle shift, yeah thats a feature I would like although I've never used such a feature.
    As for installing at a later date, its just a thought, I'v not even bought a A4 yet ?

    Next Question: RUST, I've posted this as a new topic
  8. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    Rust seemed to be a fairly minor problem, but does affect some cars... TBH, mines >10yrs and only had a spec of rust on one arch that had to be resprayed after I scratched it.

    Tiptronic could just be them referring to the fact it's an auto where you can push the lever across and change manually.

    I doubt anybody would have retro-fitted the full metal inlayed door-sills (I seem to remember that they're about £500 for the sills alone): if they're post 2003 and had the "sport" kit (either as a proper sport or just the sport trim option ticked), then it would only need £30 worth of S-Line badges to look like a fairly convincing S-Line.... a quick DIY brake caliper respray to complete the look and it's only be the door sills missing...

    PM me the links for the adds and I'll have a look.
  9. Demented

    Demented New Member

    With regard to rust, I believed Audi's are made from Galvanised steel ?

    Galvanised steel does not rust/corrode ?

    The Audi referred to Tip, yes could have been referring to the manually change option but as the ads were from dealers, there could be a little more to it, mmmmm ?

    As for the the 130 Diesel's with the S line trim. Regarding the sill trim, Ive seen at quite a few ads and viewed a few A4, I guess I'm mistaken.

    The A4's I was refering, one was on a forcouurt locally, kind of, but is no longer there and the other one was on line and is longer listed, typical.

    Although I take lostbok's word for it, as been very helpful and knowledgeable in the past, I'm sure they had S line sill trim ?

    It was the leather seats and the style of, complete with the aluminium effect door and dash inserts which convinced me they were an S line spec.

    On closer inspection and like lostbok says, the 130 Sport has what looks like the very same style interior and trim as an S line. I wasnt aware of that.

    I never even noticed if the brake calipers were painted.
  10. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    Some people get rust around the wheel arches, but it's not a major problem: common fault is corrosion on the wiper arms and the little black triangles just in front of the C-pillars (next to the rear passenger windows).

    Aluminium dash inserts are not "S-Line", they were an optional extra on any model (iirc, they were standard on the early quattro sports, possibly on all "Sport" models, but somebody else can confirm that): I only say that because I asked for a list of what options my car had and wether they were optional extras or standard: although mine had the "soul black+leather" interior as an optional extra, I'm pretty sure the aluminium trim is standard fitment, I've seen it on a few early (2001-2003 Sport models)... but then the early quattro sports models had some strange "standard" items that were discontiued later (ont he 2000-2001 it was most notably the Xenon headlights + 16" wheels(?!?)) - still, better that way around, easier to replace the alloys and I've already got the full Xenons with washers, auto-levelling, etc :)

    The "bucket" seats (sports side bolsters and leg support) are standard for all Sport/S-Line models, for the Sports, if leather was spec'd then they'll be the leather equivalents. I think they were only embossed with "S-Line" for the B7's, so Sport seats are identical to S-Line... somebody who has an S-Line can confirm, but I think all the "proper" B6 S-Lines have half-leather only - I seem to remember somebody complaining that they were only available in half-leather for the B6's several years ago. If it doesn't specify Sport/S-Line/SE, then it's the base spec A4 that's been tarted up for resale.

    If the door sills have "S-Line" embossed, check if they are actually metal, rather than just cheap eBay stickers - I'm not saying they didn't have the full metal inlaid sills: it's definitely possible to fit them as they're a direct swap for the originals, but they are expensive, so seldom done: the full S-Line parts update is about £2200 just for the parts and you'll still need to spray+fit them: I cut a few corners and got mine done for about £1500 a few years ago (early Sport was the max my budget would stretch to at the start and after that I was reluctant to get rid just to change the body kit, since I really liked the rest of the car). It's not the end of the world if it's an upgraded model, so long as you're not paying an S-Line premium if it's not been done properly: all I'd say is make sure it says "Sport" on the V5C at least (otherwise it could be the standard/SE suspension on lowering springs). Same as before - if not model description ont he V5C, then it's base.
  11. Demented

    Demented New Member

    Hey lostbok,

    Thanks for such a detailed reply to my post, much appreciated.

    Sorry for delay with my Thanks and Appreciation, was otherwise engrossed with replies to another post.

    My reference to the leather S line interior was finding the half and half suede centre section, this it what I believed was only available on the S line, yet I've come across it, I think on two Diesel A4's. At the time, I wasn't looking at many Diesel A4's with great enthusiasm as I originally only wanted a S line.

    With regard to your comment as to what is stated on the reg document?
    Is there such a model as a 2004 Audi A4T 190 S line Sport, its the red T model, apparently ?
  12. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    yep, that one (1.8T 190PS) is the only one that should be a genuine B6 S-Line....

    Not sure if the half-leathers were ONLY availalble in the S-Lines, but I thought the S-Lines only came in half-leather.... that said, interiors do get traded around: S-Line owners upgrade and somebody blagged the old half-leather on eBay.... or I guess there's always a chance it was a dealer-fit option with some dealers.... by late 2004 they probably had wind that the B7 was on it's way and were ready to flush out pre-reg'd stock...
  13. Demented

    Demented New Member

    So with regard to the model, an Audi A4T 190 S line can also labelled as a Sport ?

    My confusion, the seller says it is a S line " Sport " and this is also stated on the Reg Doc?
    I've not seen the reg doc.

    Parker's guide list the S line as one model and the Sport as another. There doesn't appear to be one which is listed as a S line Sport ?

    Yes, I've only come across S line with the half leather, its the Sport I've found with full leather.
    As you say, various upgrades by owners or dealer also seems to be lots of choices for the A4 seats/ interior, especially the Sport, I'm finding it hard to keep track.

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