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How To: Shuffle music on RNSe SD Cards

Cruiser89 Jun 12, 2012

  1. Cruiser89

    Cruiser89 Advanced In Car Tech Site Sponsor

    Ok so I love the fact that I can store up to 64GB of music on my RNSe MK2 but have always had to structure music in a certain way "Root File > Artist > Album". This isn't a bad way and is pretty organised.

    I have always used shuffle on my iPod / iPhone. The only way to get near this by using Mix on the RNSe. This only works when in one folder and not all my music. Until now...

    Found this little website: MMITunes: Create playlists for your Audi MMI/RNS-E on the Mac | trick77.com

    So, you load your music to SD as normal and structure it how you like. You then open up MMITunes and select your SD card.


    It scans all your music and gives you a quick report. You then hit GO and it works it's magic.

    Out of all your music it creates three playlists.

    • MMITunes_RND.m3u: Random sorting, as described above
    • MMITunes_TRK_RND.m3u: Artists in alphabetical order but albums and tracks in random order
    • MMITunes_SORTED.m3u: Artists, albums in alphabetical order, tracks in play order if track number is set in iTunes


    Now, the MK2 RNSe can read playlists and that's exactly what it makes. Three massive playlists.

    So... Loaded the SD card into the unit and go to playlists and there they are waiting to go.

    Now, to get true shuffle you need to make sure the RNSe is set to mix as the playlist will always play in that order. The only bug bear is that every time you go into the car you have to hit Mix. But never mind, at least every time there will be a different shuffle going on!


    Now for the only drawback - It only works on Apple Macs! But it only takes 3/4 mins and I had over 3500 tracks to process.

    Hope that helps some of you!

  2. jasonc

    jasonc Active Member Audi S3

    Have you tried this with more than 99 songs in a playlist?

    I'm pretty sure the RNS-E only reads the first 99 songs and then ignores the rest - it does on mine anyway (Mk2).

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