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How to run 3 amps?

RobMorris Dec 3, 2011

  1. RobMorris

    RobMorris Member


    Ive only ever run 1 amp before..

    What additional wiring do I require to have 3 amps working?

  2. wazz

    wazz Member

    I have'nt done an install for years but from memory I think you will need

    A power cap
    A 3 way power lead splitter each with it's own individual fuse and 3 positive leads from the 3 fuses to the 3 amps.
    Either 3 way splitter (or 3 separate) for the earth and 3 extra earth leads to the 3 amps
    Phono leads depend on how many phono outputs you have behind stereo and what your running each amp for (i.e treble, bass).
    3 way splitter for remote cable.

    But again this all depends on what your running and what each amp is going to be used for.

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