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How to replace pollen filter and fuel filter?

spannah Jul 27, 2009

  1. spannah

    spannah Member


    Ive decided to service my own car i have a 1996 A3 1.8T
    Im trying to find an online hanes manual but no one seems to have one, so i was wondering if there was a guide or if someone can tell me where to locate them.

  2. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member


    good question spence, sorry, I can't answer it unfortunately.

    I also have been looking for a write up / walk through ( pics would be good too:yes: ) of a pollen filter change on an A6 (07) Plate

    I hoped some of the older / more experienced / hands on sorta guys mighta done one by now, but no luck

  3. zeeeebo

    zeeeebo Lifes one big laugh

    i did a fuel filter change the other day one workd... what a killer! the fuel filter is located on the drivers side about 1/4 of the way down the sil if you put your head under about a foot away from the back wheel you will find it.

    it has a clipped pipe going in and a clipped pipe going out! i spent hours trying to work out how to disconnect the pipe but really couldnt work it out! in the end i managed to snap one of the clips but they both came off in the end! if you want my honnest opinion get some fuel hosing from halfords and cut the clips off and jubelee the new hose onto the fuel filter!
    i will try take some pictures of what i mean if i have a chance tonight, drop us a pm if you want them!

    i dont know if there is a proper way to get the fuel pipe clips off as i couildnt figure it out at all! i think you have to put a screwdriver in the 2 holes and push the clip out!
  4. joylee

    joylee New Member

    I found an article on how to replace the fuel filter and hope this works on you:

    Fuel Filter Replacement

    hope this helps!

    can't find some pollen filter tips though...
    Satisfaction is derived from a job well done.
  5. red-line

    red-line New Member

    A3 Hi the pollen filter on your A3 is located on the nearside if you open the bonnet and look at the plenumb chamber cover there is a little flap that lifts up and the filter is behind there.
    A6 the pollen filter is behind the glove compartment just remove the plastic under panel slide the cover out the way and remove the filters there are 2 stacked on top of each other it sounds strange but once removed you will be able to see what I mean its simple!!
  6. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

  7. niffty

    niffty Member

    Sorry I read in this forum on the A3 2005 the pollen filter is behind the glove box?

    Or is it in the bonnet?
  8. dc240969

    dc240969 Member VCDS Map User

    On my model, 2008, lve heard its in the passenger footwell under the glovebox. Will confirm today.

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