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How to remove paint from leather

_Zerocool_ Mar 3, 2013

  1. _Zerocool_

    _Zerocool_ Active Member

    I thought I'd share a quick tip I've just discovered....

    Ok so I've had my S3 for a month now. Not long after getting it I noticed a paint mark about a cm long on the leather of the passenger seat. It was silver, the same as the car, and looked like someone had accidently brushed the seat with the touch up kit that was in the glove box. I've since noticed more marks around the inside of the car like someone had got the paint on their hands and touched a few places. I mean, come on, what a lack of respect for the car!!

    Anyway long story short I've just tried meguiars paint cleaner on it. Took it right off the leather with very light rubbing. Job done, no marks, paint removed. I've gone over it with Lexol leather conditioner. Job done

    It also worked on the other marks on the hard plastic but this took a bit more time due to the textured surface.

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