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How to keep aftermarket headunit , Climate controls and fit a 3 X guage facia??..

JonBoi25 Oct 24, 2011

  1. JonBoi25

    JonBoi25 Member

    Hi there all,

    Ive tried getting some info on this but havent had much luck on the A3/S3 part of the forum, so i thought this would be the place to try.

    Ive got a facelift S3 8l, The center console has the storage comparment below the aircontrols and i fitted a single din above those controls for an aftermarket headunit.

    What im looking to do is fit a facia at the top of the console to hold 3 instrument gauges, keeping both the air conrols and headunit but just moving them down. at a guess ill need a pre facelift air controls :S.. maybe..?

    Can this be done ?? <

    Any advice very much appreciated,


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