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How To Fit Alloy mirrors?

rizwankhan2001 May 27, 2009

  1. rizwankhan2001

    rizwankhan2001 New Member

    Hey guys just bought a pair of shiny mirrors for the S3 and wanted to know how the hell to fit them i have been told that you have to be very patient and have to have a steady hand ??? not much help though i am just replacing the housing so any tips of any sort ??


  2. Raggy A4

    Raggy A4 Vorsprung Durch Tecnik

    Its a doddle mate. I fitted mine when i got the car cant remember exactly how i did it tho it was that lond ago. The only bit u need to be careful is the connection for the electrics ( its just a simp[le swap but getting them back in its the wires that are the only bit u have to be careful, u have to stuff them back down inside the door )
    There should be 2 screws when u open the door full ( where the hinge bracket is ) and u'll have to take the plastic triangle off to unscrew the old mirrors if i recall.

    Hope that helps mate.

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