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How to fit After market subwoofer with RNSE

Adam_A3_ Dec 23, 2013

  1. Adam_A3_

    Adam_A3_ Member

    Hi all

    Im wanting a bit more umph sometimes. I wanted to wire an aftermarket sub and amp to my rnse. Ive seen this done before but cant understand what goes on behing the stereo.

    So far ive laid out the wiring kit to my mono block amplifier. Id like to keep the bose in there too as i will be installing a switch for the new sub.

    How do i wire in the remote wire and also the RCA's?

    Help appreciated

  2. Adam_A3_

    Adam_A3_ Member

    Bump anyone
  3. Ben jah min

    Ben jah min Member

    Id also like to find this out, does anyone know the dimensions of the existing sub? squeezing a 10" JL would be sweet!
  4. Audi.Quattro

    Audi.Quattro Active Member

    What is RNSE?

    I just fitted a Pioneer sub to my B&O system, check my post.

    1/ I took a feed off the speaker connector to the original sub and used the "speaker-level" inputs on the Pioneer, I also had to feed this to both L&R inputs, so I made a small harness.
    2/ connected main power feed direct to + battery terminal
    3/ connected neg to a nearby bolt.
    4/ Remote was run to the 12v cigarette lighter socket in R-side of trunk, you will need pull off panel and splice into the corect colour wire, mine was fed with a brown & white, with white being the 12v feed. Brown seems to be used as ground quite a bit in my car, but get a meter on it. This socket is ideal as a "remote" because is switches off when car is powered down, just like your sub will.

    NB-1. My sub came with an RCA to "speaker-level" harness, so if your amp ony has RCA's, you can get a little converter box.
    NB-2. I am also still running the original sub, I have just knicked a feed/spur from it because its convienient location. I also have the option to unplug it and just the new Pioneer, but it sounds better with plugged in.
    NB-3 The Pioneer also has a cabled remote control that controls the volume etc. from the front. I think this is very important because you have no seperate sub control from the head unit.

    Hope that helps
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2014
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  5. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    ideally you need to remove your rnse and see what connections you have behind it
    the wiring to a new amplifier isnt too difficult as long as your familiar with removing and reinstalling parts from the car

    the remote turn on feed should come from the rnse and you will be able to get an aftermarket harness which will convert the outputs so as you can connect an rca lead from the rnse to the new amplifier

    without changing the entire box there is not much that can be done with the original as regards putting a larger speaker in place
    as internally it doesn't have enough volume
  6. Adam_A3_

    Adam_A3_ Member

    Thanks legend. Really appreciate your input here.

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