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How to drive the 3.0 TDI for best performance?

monkeytrousers Feb 14, 2010

  1. monkeytrousers

    monkeytrousers Member


    Having always had petrol cars I am still getting used to the diesel. Just got my 3.0 TDI Quattro.

    I just love the "shove in the back" feeling of the diesel, but it does seem to vary and I can't work out why. I'm sure the car is fine, it's down to my driving and still learning.

    Sometimes, 2nd gear will feel absolutely amazing, almost supercar levels of acceleration. Yet other times it will not feel quite so powerful. All on the same journey.

    It may be that I am not choosing the right gear to feel the shove, and missing the "sweet spot" on the new gear?

    Hope this makes sense.

    What is the best way to drive these diesel engines for maximum performance (and thrill).

  2. Necroscope

    Necroscope Member

    I drove a 3.0TDi before jumping in an S4. The 3.0 engine is great, and i agree that to get the best out of it takes some getting used to. With the S4 its toe down and let rip as the revs build.

    However torque is the TDi's weapen, and i think you get most of this around the 1700 - 300 rpm barrier. If you hit that rev limiter you are wasting time! Shift early and watch her go. The most difficult one IMO was getting from first to second before hitting that rev limiter, personally i think first is a little short.

  3. monkeytrousers

    monkeytrousers Member

    Thanks Necroscope.

    Yeah, although I have been wondering if I have an intermittent boost problem. This morning it felt like the turbo was not working, such was the feeling of underpower. Yet when I drove it this afternoon it threw me back in my seat agressively! If I have a boost problem this might explain why I have uncertainty sometimes.

    Any clues as what might cause intermittent boost problems?
  4. BillTheButcher

    BillTheButcher Member Audi RS3

    Are you applying the same amount of throttle when you are and aren't feeling the shove?

    My girlfriend has a Golf TDI and it feels very different depending on how far down you press the accelerator. Try putting your foot flat to the floor through the rev range and see where it feels like the boost is building and then falling away.

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