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How To: Door Card Removal

Staz Aug 16, 2009

  1. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    If you remove the door card as per the above instructions you can get at the torx bolts that hold the armrest on. If you remove the armrest you should find the part number on the arm. You could then ring Audi for a price or take it to someone for repair.
  2. Jambo26

    Jambo26 Active Member Audi A3 Black Edition

    Anyone know how you remove the door card on a 2011 A3 mine doesn't seem to the trim that goes from the door handle around underneath the arm rest. :think:
  3. Sheltie333

    Sheltie333 New Member

    I've just replaced my drivers door arm rest for the same reason. A new arm rest was round about £70 from T.P.S. so went to the local scrap yard and picked up a door card for £25 and just swapped the arm rests. It's done the job.
  4. The Challinor

    The Challinor Well-Known Member Audi S3

    Thanks a lot for creating this thread came in very handy in replacing my drivers side ripped armrest.
  5. Jonathaan

    Jonathaan Quattro


    That looks oh so familiar!

    How much was replacement part fella?
  6. The Challinor

    The Challinor Well-Known Member Audi S3

    Yer I noticed yours was a S3, just the passenger side door.

    Came to about £70 in total with the clips, only broke 1 putting it back so I was very proud lol.
  7. shadow1993

    shadow1993 Active Member

    BUmp.. Jokes :p

    Do you have a part number for the arm rest? I need one aswell.. ebay is not being particulary helpful. Tnx
  8. snoopster

    snoopster Member

    Great thread, an addition for you guys who have slightly different door cards e.g 56 plate sportbacks
    Remove trim around central locking switch. No best place to start, just go easy with a plastic blade. This gives you access to upper torx bolt.
    Upper face of door card pocket, has a hole in it where you access middle torx bolt. No trim removal needed to access this.
    Lower Torx bolt on lower edge of door card is located in same position as with door card earlier in thread.
    Start popping door card away from door starting at speaker working around bottom of door to the catch area. (you can see clips in image below)
    Image showing door with clips in situ. Note blue clip at 7 0'clock on the speaker. Hard to get with camera
    Bottom right blue clip on door panel gave me problems and bust the mounting point in the door card, despite having trim clip lever! (Super glue with extra epoxy glue coat, got us back on track)
    Notice that to make life more interesting for the bodyshop guys Audi changed the colour of the clips.

    IF any of you have an annoying rattle from your door that disappears when you apply slight pressure to your door handle then it is probably the captive nut for the middle torx bolt. If you are lazy then, with the door card in situ, remove middle torx bolt, squeeze some black or translucent silicon sealant through the hole in the door card for the middle torx bolt. This will probably solve it and save 90 mins of labour.

    Have fun.

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